What is Kaby?

Kaby Arena is an role-playing game (RPG) based on Blockchain technology. Players can build a collection of heroes and hero equipment, then take them to battle with other players.

Free to play

Players start with basic non-NFT heroes. By playing, they can collect materials, armors and loot-boxes.

Free heroes & armors can be minted into NFT using Kaby Token.


Gaming is not only for fun, it can earn you money: Play-to-earn with dynamic farming system and active market, every heroes/items can be minted into NFT.

Crypto war

Gameplay involves the crypto market - predict the market fluctuations correctly to earn in-game advantages.

Assets for rent

Solve blockchain & NFT games problem: enable users to put their assets for rent with high credibility.


Kaby Battle Arena


Players can build an unlimited heroes and equipments and then take them to battle in PvP, PvE matches.

  • Each hero has 4 basic stats: HP, attack, defense, support.
  • 5 types of hero: wind, fire, water, darkness, light
  • 4 skills per hero

In PvP mode, players can win Kaby Token by waging against other players or by winning tournaments.

  • PvE: campaign mode
  • PvP Arena
  • Tournaments

Kaby Elemental


Kaby Token

The universal currency is Kaby Token.

  • Exchange for gold for in-game upgrades.

  • Speed up time-gated content.

  • Mint NFT from in-game heroes/items.

  • Buy / rent NFT assets.

  • Open loot-boxes.

  • Wage on PvP battles.


Crypto war - wise trader legendary player

Increase players’ engagement with the cryptocurrency market with Crypto war mechanics - you start playing a game for fun, in the end, you become a crypto market guru!.

  • Reward players for engagement with the cryptocurrency market.
  • A leverage for F2P player to accelerate faster in game.
  • Educate & raising awareness for players unfamiliar with cryptocurrency.